Some of the things we offer: 

  • Group Clinic: Playing and Listening as an Ensemble by the Tony Deangelis Group. This is a session for all participating bands, held before your performance.

  • Group Dinner: a variety of items will be available for your students to purchase, then sit down to a meal together and hopefully get to know some new people.

  • Evening Performances: Your group will get recorded feedback from Tony’s band members which will help you define your sound as you prepare for future performances.

  • Recognition of your participation at the end of the night (but no ratings or scores!)

  • Evening performances conclude with the Tony Deangelis Group. 


This is a great opportunity for middle and high school bands, combos, and your second jazz band. You don’t have to worry about the level or makeup of your group due to the non-competitive nature of the festival. Everyone will get some pre-season critique from professional musicians, and perform in front of an audience. Our clinicians and the experience in general will serve to make your kids better. We have space available for twelve bands.