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Blue to Cream Gradient
17th Annual Indoor Invitational
February 11, 2023

Welcome to the Penncrest Band’s 16th Annual Indoor Percussion, Color Guard, Dance and Twirlers Competition, and thanks to all of you for supporting the marching arts. Today’s event showcases many talented and hard working young people and their instructors who, through involvement in the activity, are constantly pushing the boundaries of creative, technical and artistic excellence. By supporting their efforts and their values, we become partners in ensuring that these and other arts programs continue to be “instrumental” in our academic institutions and in our communities. Music is a preparation for life.


I also want to thank the Penncrest Band Parents and band members for all their planning and support of our home show. Special thanks to our indoor percussion instructors and color guard instruction: Ms. Fields, Mr. John Paul Kuhar, Ms. Kinden, Mr. Hearn, Mr. Stephenraj, Ms. O'Leary, and Mr. Bill Kuhar for their expert and caring support. We hope you enjoy your visit to our school today, and if you need anything please ask anyone wearing the red Penncrest Band shirt. Best of luck to all the groups in competition today and in the future!



Craig Snyder

Director of Bands and Music Department Coordinator, Penncrest High School

PMEA District 12 Past President 




Welcome performers, parents, directors, staff, and any other supporters of the marching arts. Thank you for coming to the 16th Annual Penncrest Invitational Indoor Competition located here at Penncrest High School in Media, Pennsylvania. This year’s performing groups come from various schools across the tri-state region.


These performers put their blood, sweat, and tears into countless hours of rehearsal. They are committed to excellence not only to their performance but in the classrooms as well. We are honored to host this event where you will witness breathtaking performances from all participating units!


Music and the arts in general are supported and greatly valued here in the Rose Tree Media School District community by students, faculty, alumni and by the Penncrest and District administrations. As a current band staff member and colorguard coordinator, the immense support makes me extremely proud to be part of a legacy of excellence.



We hope you enjoy the day of pageantry featuring percussion ensembles, dance teams, twirlers and colorguards! We thank you for supporting our show, these amazing performers, and for supporting the music and arts programs in our schools. Enjoy and please feel free to clap loud and cheer on the performers!



Leighann Keegan

Indoor Coordinator/ 

Colorguard Director

Start Time
11:30 AM
Abington HS
Marching Percussion: SRP
11:42 AM
Penncrest HS
Marching Percussion: SRP
11:55 AM
Middletown HS (9)
Marching Percussion: SAP
12:25 PM
Essence in Motion
Guard: IJG
12:32 PM
Small Steps Big Dreams
Guard: IRG
12:40 PM
West Inverness Ambition
Guard: IRG
12:48 PM
Chichester HS
Guard: SRG
12:56 PM
Coatesville HS
Guard: SRG
1:04 PM
Middletown HS (9)
Guard: SRG
1:12 PM
West Chester East HS
Guard: SRG
1:20 PM
Moxie Guard
Guard: IIG
1:28 PM
Cab Calloway HS
Guard: SIG
1:36 PM
Great Valley HS
Guard: SIG
1:44 PM
Cheltenham HS
Guard: SIG
1:52 PM
Abington HS
Guard: SIG
2:15 PM
Winter Star
Guard: IAG
2:23 PM
Penncrest HS (G)
Guard: SAG
2:31 PM
West Inverness Resolve
Guard: ISG
2:39 PM
Small Steps Big Dreams
Twirlers: IRT
2:47 PM
Russell's All Stars
Twirlers: IRT
2:55 PM
Boyertown Legionettes
Twirlers: IAT
3:03 PM
Twirlers: IAT
3:11 PM
Russell's All Stars
Twirlers: IWT
3:21 PM
Small Steps Big Dreams
Dance: IRD
3:29 PM
Russells All Stars
Dance: IWD
Galantino Supply Company
Media Real Estate


Three Potato Four


AEG Power Tools and Equipment


Taylor's Music Store & Studios


Lampert's Auto Repair and Body Shop

Trumpet Player




William Dougherty, Acting Superintendent

Edward Roth, Penncrest High School Principal

Craig Snyder, Director of Bands/Penncrest High School

Leighann Keegan Colorguard Coordinator
John Paul Kuhar Percussion Coordinator
Kimberly Santa Colorguard Assistant
Dave Hearn Percussion Assistant
Joe Stephanraj Percussion Assistant

Indoor Invitational Chairs

Leighann Keegan
Michelle Lindenmuth 

This Program

Chad Sanford

THANK YOU to all of you, Penncrest Band Parents and Students, for volunteering your time and providing donations to the 2023 Indoor Invitational. It's your commitment and participation that makes this event a success. 
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