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Penncrest HS

Marching Percussion: SRP

Capture 1.JPG
Capture 1.JPG

Experience the forces of nature with an original composition “Rain” by the Penncrest Indoor Percussion staff. Stay dry under Rihana’s “Umbrella”, then prepare to be “Thunderstruck” with the rockin’ classic from heavy metal band AC/DC. One thing is certain this years performance is bound to take you by storm!

  • Band Director - Craig Snyder

  • Indoor Coordinator - Leighann Keegan

  • Drill Designer - Tyler Propfe

  • Arranger - Peter Garcia

  • Percussion Coordinator - John Paul Kuhar

  • Front Ensemble Coordinator - David Hearn

  • Battery/Visual Coordinator - Joseph Stephenraj

  • Front Ensemble Technician - Braeden O'Hara

  • Snare Technician - Edward Maroulis

  • Tenor Technician - Jacob Bartkowski

  • Bass Technicians - Sam Monroe and Tim Keegan

  • Cymbal Technician - John Toner

  • Battery Arranger - Josh Campbell

  • Front Ensemble Arranger - Peter Garcia


  • Zach Merillat

  • Colin McVoy

  • Jeremy Lindenmuth

  • Andrew Varady

Middletown HS (9)

Marching Percussion: SAP

Capture 1.JPG
Capture 1.JPG

The Middletown High School Percussion Ensemble is proud to present their 2023 production entitled, "Otherside". Watch as two communities work together to bridge the gap between them and come together for a greater purpose.

  • Rob Wiltbank - Director and Music Composition

  • RJ Kelly - Music Composition

  • Robbie Davidson - Drill and Visual Design

  • Kim Wiltbank - Visual Design

  • MJ Harris - Visual Design

  • Joey Fisher - Visual and Body

  • Anna Sandles - Front Ensemble Coordinator

  • Josh Clark - Battery

  • Kasey Shepherd- Battery

  • Mikey Elliot - Battery

  • Jacob Cannon - Battery

  • Tracy Miller - Battery

  • Dan Willis - Battery

  • Xander Polite - Front Ensemble

Essence in Motion

Guard: IJG

Capture 1.JPG
Capture 1.JPG

Pictured are the members (and instructors) of Essence in Motion, a branch of Essence Legacy Performing Arts. Essence Legacy Performing Arts is an inner city program from the Walnut Street YMCA in Wilmington, Delaware that provides an artistic outlet for the local youth. Essence in Motion features performers between the ages of 9 and 13. The staff of Essence in Motion include Brianna Adams and Gerald Askins. Essence in Motion is proud to present our show "You Bring Color to My Life."

Moxie Guard

Guard: IIG

Capture 1.JPG
Capture 1.JPG

Penncrest HS (G)

Guard: SAG

Capture 1.JPG
Capture 1.JPG

LifeCycles Of A Garden

  • Leighann Keegan Colorguard Coordinator

  • Kimberly Santa Colorguard Assistant

Penncrest Indoor Colorguard is proud to present their 2023 program, “Lifecycles of A Garden.” From seed to flower, a garden comes to life, blooms and changes with the seasons. Just like people, nature adapts and overcomes and grows into a new version of itself.  Staff includes Leighann Keegan and Kimberly Santa. Special thanks to Brian Rosa for his assistance and Harrison Horowitz for sound design. 

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