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Winter and Spring Band Performances & Activities

January 26-28 (Thu-Sat) PMEA District 12 Orchestra

February 4 (Sat) 4 - 10 PM Penncrest Jazz Night

February 8 (Wed) 7 PM Winter Concert

February 9-11 (Thu-Sat) PMEA District 12 Band

February 11 (Sat) Time TBA Penncrest Indoor Invitational

March 9-11 (Thu-Sat) PMEA Region 6 Orchestra

March 10-12 (Fri-Sun) Band Trip; Washington, DC

March 23-25 (Thu-Sat) PMEA Region 6 Band

March 25 (Sat) Time TBD West Chester Jazz Fest

April 12 (Wed) 7 PM Chamber Music Concert 

April 19-22 (Thu-Sat) PMEA All State Conference; Kalahari Resort

April 25 (Tue) 7 PM Spring Concert

May 3 (Wed) Time TBD Penncrest Celebration of the Arts

May 24 (Wed) 5 - 10 PM Jazz Band Dining Under the Stars

May 29 (Mon) 10 AM Memorial Day Parades​; Media, PA and Rockdale, PA

June 1 (Thu) PM Band Banquet

June 3 (Sat) 9 AM - 4 PM Spring Training and Show Premiere

June 9 (Fri) 10:30 AM Graduation (Wind Ensemble) 

Unless otherwise noted, all performances are mandatory and in full marching uniform. 

Arrival time at Penncrest is one hour before home events and 90 minutes before away events. 

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