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Indoor Percussion

Penncrest Indoor Percussion is a type of marching ensemble that consists of the battery and front ensemble instruments. It is a competitive group that meets at the conclusion of marching band, and is active until early May.


Instrumentalists can use Indoor Percussion as an expressive outlet and to try something that they may not have tried otherwise. Although the Indoor program can be more physically demanding, it also allows for more emotional expression and story-telling than our typical outdoor marching band  field show.


There are plenty of opportunities for peer interaction and leadership, and musicianship!

You do not have to be in the band program, or currently play a percussion instrument to perform with the program.


Penncrest Indoor Percussion competes at local high schools in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area, culminating with the chapter championships for our region at the end of the year.


Please contact John Kuhar (Percussion Coordinator) at or any member of the percussion staff for more information. 

Indoor Percussion Practices

Monday and Wednesday - 5:30-8:30

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