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Saturday, 2/11


  Penncrest High School Indoor Program is hosting its

17th Invitational from 11 am - 4 pm at Penncrest High School.


This event is sanctioned by the Tournament Indoor Association (TIA) and will feature 25 of the area's best Drum Lines, Color Guards and Twirlers.

This event is Open to the Public. 

Entrance Fees:

Adults: $10.00

Seniors: $6.00

Children: $6.00


Start Time
11:30 AM
Abington HS
Marching Percussion: SRP
11:42 AM
Penncrest HS
Marching Percussion: SRP
11:55 AM
Middletown HS (9)
Marching Percussion: SAP
12:25 PM
Essence in Motion
Guard: IJG
12:32 PM
Small Steps Big Dreams
Guard: IRG
12:40 PM
West Inverness Ambition
Guard: IRG
12:48 PM
Chichester HS
Guard: SRG
12:56 PM
Coatesville HS
Guard: SRG
1:04 PM
Middletown HS (9)
Guard: SRG
1:12 PM
West Chester East HS
Guard: SRG
1:20 PM
Moxie Guard
Guard: IIG
1:28 PM
Cab Calloway HS
Guard: SIG
1:36 PM
Great Valley HS
Guard: SIG
1:44 PM
Cheltenham HS
Guard: SIG
1:52 PM
Abington HS
Guard: SIG
2:15 PM
Winter Star
Guard: IAG
2:23 PM
Penncrest HS (G)
Guard: SAG
2:31 PM
West Inverness Resolve
Guard: ISG
2:39 PM
Small Steps Big Dreams
Twirlers: IRT
2:47 PM
Russell's All Stars
Twirlers: IRT
2:55 PM
Boyertown Legionettes
Twirlers: IAT
3:03 PM
Twirlers: IAT
3:11 PM
Russell's All Stars
Twirlers: IWT
3:21 PM
Small Steps Big Dreams
Dance: IRD
3:29 PM
Russells All Stars
Dance: IWD

For questions please contact our event’s coordinator Michelle Lindenmuth at

If you would like to support Penncrest Band, please click on the link below. 

NOTE: Penncrest Band Parent Association, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and therefore, you can deduct your donation on your federal taxes. To deduct donations, you must file a Schedule A with your tax form. 
Review our Charitable Solicitation Donation Disclosure Statement HERE.

Indoor Invitational - 2022
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